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Here at Endless Summer Farms, we pride ourselves in producing healthy, well socialized, beautiful Doodles. From the moment our puppies are born, we are constantly working with them and showering them with love. We don't place puppies with just anyone, but are very selective with the families we allow take one of our little ones home. Please feel free to take a tour around our website. Puppies that we currently have available are listed on the "Current" Tabs.



** Deposits are non-refundable but always transferable to another litter. Should the litter not servive (we can never guarantee a litters viability until the are born), we transfer the deposit to that moms next litter. Should not enough puppies be born to cover your spot in the picking order, your deosit will be transfered to the moms next litter. Before placing a deposit on a current or future litter, please make sure that you really want one of our puppies. Also, speaking from experience, please check with your spouse (if you have one) and make sure you are both on the same page about getting one of our puppies. **